I process your fiber the same way I process my own: with care and attention to the possibilities of each individual fleece.  My goal is to preserve as much of the natural and unique character of each fleece as possible,  I have built my reputation on easy to draft spinning fibers and high loft yarns.  If you are unsure how you would like your fiber processed or are unfamiliar with the options you are welcome to bring your fiber to the mill to explore options and possibilities.
Limits: My machines prefer medium to long wools. Staple length needs to be at least 2 1/2 inches for high crimp wools and 3 1/2" for medium to long crimp wools.  Maximum staple length for spinning is 6". Fiber needs to be reasonable clean and free from twigs, rocks, sticks and thorns. Fibers must be strong enough to take the stress of processing.  You can test this yourself by taking a lock of fleece and holding the ends close your ear and giving it a good snap. If you can hear a ping, the fiber is strong, if you hear a crunchy sound the fiber is weak and will break in the processing.
Roving, Batt or Cloud
Yarn: singles
  2 ply
            3 ply     
$5.00 per fleece
$3.00 lb
$6.00  lb
$.02 yd
$.03 yd
$.04 yd
Call me (abi) to discuss the best way to prepare your fiber to suit your needs:
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yarns can be spun lace weight, dk, sport, worsted, or bulky